File Consumer Complaint Online in India

We all are consumers. Right from the morning when we get up from the bed till the time when we go to bed at night, we consume lots of products to make our life comfortable and hospitable. There are some important products occupying significant positions in our daily life. Without these, our existence might be at stake. Therefore, we need quality products and better services to keep us healthy, fit and safe. Healthy and fit citizens can make the foundation of a nation strong, durable and dominant. A low-quality product not only brings about the detrimental effect on your health and life but also causes economic damages. Therefore, consumer protection must get the paramount interest.

India is a vast country and probably the greatest economies in the present world. Therefore, in this country, the consumers should be considered as the king. The government must take all necessary steps and important initiatives to safeguard the interests of the king (consumers).  To ensure this, the government has introduced many laws, organizations and forums for consumer protection. Even to make the matter more convenient for the consumers, both the state and central government have launched many portals for filing the consumer complaint online in India.

All businesses, retailers, online portals and almost all government and non-government organizations undergo consumer complaints in case of unworthy products, low-quality services and faulty deliveries. The most interesting thing is that in the case of complaint against online shopping in India, consumers can take necessary actions and file the consumer complaint online either of the two places from where the product was delivered or ordered.
Given below are two consumer complaints websites

On those websites, you can get adequate information on the various issues undergoing consumer complaints in India.  Moreover, you can file the consumer complaint online just after the completion of the registration process. You can easily file online consumer complaint and log into the websites to have a look at the latest status on it.
However, you must consider a few important things before lodging online consumer complaint
* Identify your issue critically
* State and present your grievances politely
* You should ready your voucher, cash memos and warranty cards to inculcate your grievances
* Visit or mail the retailer to seek a valid reason and explanation for the faulty or defective product delivery.
* Keep originals of all with you. You can use scan copy or photocopy of the originals during the time of registering complaints
* In the case of food and medicine, send the complaint copy to the State health authority.
* If the products come with ISI or AG Marks on those, send a copy to the respective agency.

It is worthy to mention here that customer care departments are not given the absolute power or entire rights to resolve every issue. Therefore, in case, if your complaint is not redressed at your regional consumer forum or if you don’t find the verdict satisfactory- you can appeal to your District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum, State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission and National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission in New Delhi, depending on the value or amount of compensation claimed.